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National Disability Insurance Scheme 

Big Strides accepts participants that are plan-managed and self-managed. We are not currently able to accept participants who are agency managed. 


Some children may qualify for a Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMP), previously known as an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC). This plan allows your child to access 5 rebated sessions per calendar year.

The current rebate as of November 2023 is $58.30.

Please contact your GP to see if your child is eligible for a CDMP.

Private Health Insurance 

Rebates may be available through private health insurance, usually as part of your extras cover. Please contact your private health fund to find out if you can claim speech pathology services under your level of cover, and your annual limit. 

Medicare rebates and Chronic Disease Management Plan for Speech Pathology
National Disability Insurance Scheme for Speech Pathology and Early Intervention


Arts & Crafts for language development inin Speech Pathology
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